Welcome to the FEniCS tutorial.

The aim of this tutorial is to cover some of the fundamentals of how the different components of the FEniCS project fit together in DOLFINx.

A short summary of the various components [BDD+23] can be found below. Components of FEniCS

The tutorial is currently built for v0.7.x of DOLFINx, for older versions see: jorgensd/FEniCS23-tutorial


Igor A. Baratta, Joseph P. Dean, Jørgen S. Dokken, Michal Habera, Jack S. Hale, Chris N. Richardson, Marie E. Rognes, Matthew W. Scroggs, Nathan Sime, and Garth N. Wells. Dolfinx: the next generation fenics problem solving environment. 2023. doi:10.5281/zenodo.10447666.