• Change pyvista backend to html, using Pyvista main branch

  • Using DOLFINx v0.7.2 FEniCS/dolfinx as base


  • No API changes, release due to various bug-fixes from the 0.7.0 release, see: FEniCS/dolfinx for more information


  • Renamed dolfinx.graph.create_adjacencylist to dolfinx.graph.adjacencylist

  • Renamed dolfinx.plot.create_vtk_mesh to dolfinx.plot.vtk_mesh

  • dolfinx.geometry.BoundingBoxTree has been changed to dolfinx.geometry.bb_tree

  • create_mesh with Meshio has been modified. Note that you now need to pass dtype np.int32 to the cell_data.

  • Update dolfinx petsc API. Now one needs to explicitly import dolfinx.fem.petsc and dolfinx.fem.nls, as PETSc is no longer a strict requirement. Replace petsc4py.PETSc.ScalarType with dolfinx.default_scalar_type in demos where we do not use petsc4py explicitly.


  • Remove ipygany and pythreejs as plotting backends. Using panel.

  • Add gif-output to [chapter2/diffusion_code] and [chapter2/hyperelasticity].

  • Replace dolfinx.fem.Function.geometric_dimension with len(dolfinx.fem.Function)

  • Improve [chapter2/ns_code2] to have better splitting scheme and density.

  • Improve mesh quality in [chapter3/em].

  • jit_params and form_compiler_params renamed to *_options.


  • Using new GMSH interface in DOLFINx ( in all demos using GMSH

  • Added a section on custom Newton-solvers, see [chapter4/newton-solver].

  • Various minor DOLFINx API updates. dolfinx.mesh.compute_boundary_facets -> dolfinx.mesh.exterior_facet_indices with slightly different functionality. Use dolfinx.mesh.MeshTagsMetaClass.find instead of mt.indices[mt.values==value].

  • Various numpy updates, use np.full_like.

  • Change all notebooks to use jupytext to automatically sync .ipynb with .py files.

  • Add example of how to use DOLFINx in complex mode, see [chapter1/complex_mode].


  • No changes

0.4.0 (05.02.2021)#

  • All pyvista plotting has been rewritten to use ipygany and pythreejs as well as using a cleaner interface.

  • dolfinx.plot.create_vtk_topology has been renamed to dolfinx.plot.create_vtk_mesh and can now be directly used as input to pyvista.UnstructuredGrid.

  • dolfinx.fem.Function.compute_point_values has been deprecated. Interpolation into a CG-1 is now the way of getting vertex values.

  • API updates wrt. DOLFINx. Form->form, DirichletBC->dirichletbc.

  • Updates on error computations in Error control: Computing convergence rates.

  • Added tutorial on interpolation of ufl.Expression in Deflection of a membrane.

  • Added tutorial on how to apply constant-valued Dirichet conditions in Deflection of a membrane.

  • Various API changes relating to the import structure of DOLFINx

0.3.0 (09.09.2021)#

  • Major improvements in Form compiler parameters, using pandas and seaborn for visualization of speed-ups gained using form compiler parameters.

  • API change: -> u.x.scatter_forward

  • Various plotting updates due to new version of pyvista.

  • Updating of the Hyperelasticity demo, now using DOLFINx wrappers to create the non-linear problem

  • Internal updates due to bumping of jupyter-book versions

  • Various typos and capitalizations fixed by @mscroggs in PR 35.

0.1.0 (11.05.2021)#

  • First tagged release of DOLFINx Tutorial, compatible with DOLFINx 0.1.0.